Radio interview with Prof. Daniel Jaque. Pura Ciencia: "Curando con la luz"

A Spanish radio, Cadena Ser, has a science communication section HxH El Drago in their Las Palmas (Canary Island) division. In their program of September 28th 2021 they talked with Prof. Daniel Jaque of nanoBIG and Dr. Jorge Méndez of ULL about one of our research topics.

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Our group director Daniel Jaque is now Professor and vice-rector of UAM

We would like to congratulate Prof. Daniel Jaque for his chair and new position as vice-rector of science policies. If you would like to know more about his professional trayectory, click here the IRYCIS webpage has published a brief article (in Spanish).

Summer School on Nanomedicine for Molecular Imaging

The Network of Nanomedicine for Molecular Imaging of Madrid (RENIM), which we are part of, is organizing an online and open Summer School on September 1st, 2nd and 3th.

The use of nanostructured materials is revolutionizing modern biomedicine. Indeed it has led to the creation of a completely new area: Nanomedicine. Nanoparticles are being used as contrast agents in a great variety of bio-imaging modalities. They are making bio-imaging (at both in vivo and in vitro levels) easier, faster and more accessible. The field is, indeed, developing very fast and from time to time it is required to stop, take a breath and think on what has been done and what are future directions.

This is, indeed, the main objective of this summer school. Thanks to the invited speakers (top leaders in the field of molecular imaging) we would like to offer the opportunity to senior and young researchers (specially PhD students) of getting a complete and detailed picture of the state of the art in 2021 of the use of nanostructures for molecular imaging.

The registration is open until August 31st 2021!

Summer School on Nanomedicine for Molecular Imaging

New article on UAM Gazette about Nanoject trapping of sub-10 nm particles

The Scientific Culture Unit of UAM has published an article in Spanish explaining one of our research lines, optical trapping, and the paper of our PhD student Dasheng Lu: Nanojet Trapping of a Single Sub‐10 nm Upconverting Nanoparticle in the Full Liquid Water Temperature Range.

Click here to read this wonderful article, explained for the general public.

Our original paper in Small can be seen here.

microlente nanopartícula

Interview of Dr Emma Martín Rodríguez

The Section of Woman, Optics and Photonics of the Optics Spanish Society has interviewed nanoBIG member Dr Emma Martín Rodríguez in their blog entry of May 2021. The complete interview in spanish can be read here.

NanoTBTech webminars. 2nd edition (round 2)

The webminars organized by our european project nanoTBTech continue on June 4th. This time, we have an overview and round table titled "In luminescence thermometry we trust. Can we?"

Former nanoBIG member Lucía Labrador Páez is one of the researchers speaking in this webminar.

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nanoBIG's talk at UPCONline 2021

Our postdoc Diego Méndez González gave an interesting talk at the 3rd Conference on Properties, Desing and Applications of Upconversion Nanomaterials (UPCON), organized in Campiègne, France.

"Avoiding Degradation of Upconverting Nanoparticles in aqueous media by using hydrophobic polymer shells".

NanoTBTech webminars. 2nd edition

The second series of NanoTBTech webminars started on April 30th 2021.

This time with a new format: Round table discussing the topic "Nanothermometry in Live Sciencies". Our group director Daniel Jaque is the chairman of the sesion!

In addition, if you want to see the previous webminar, they are available at this link.

NanoTBTech webminars

Silvia Gómez has won the University Award José Ángel Gómez de Caso Canto

The end-of-degree project of our undergraduate student Silvia Gómez Pastor, supervised by our group member Dr Francisco Sanz-Rodríguez, has won the prestigious award José Ángel Gómez de Caso Canto. Her winning work was Azobenzene-based organic non-fluorescent compounds for hypoxia sensing. A basic research in the area of Biology with multiple future applications in diagnosis and treatment of several pathologies such as cancer or cardiovascular illnesses.

Click here to read the article written by UAM Gazzete.

Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11th is the International Day of Women & Girls in Science.
nanoBIG is proud to have excellent woman scientists in our ranks and we hope to continue having many more in the future.

From the women of nanoBIG: Happy Women in Science Day!

nanoBig science group for International Day of Women & Girls in Science

We have changed our name!

Our name will no longer be the Fluorescence Imaging Group. After many years being FIG, we are starting a new chapter as the Nanomaterials for Bioimaging Group (nanoBIG), now part of the Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigación Sanitaria (IRYCIS).

Our new logos have been made by our multi-talented post-doc Riccardo Marin (follow him on twitter @RiccMarin)

nanoBig research science group banner

FIG update: New members!

We are very pleased to announce that we have welcomed three postdocs to the group. Two of them are veterans, coming back to FIG after years abroad.

Antonio Benayas

He re-joined FIG in April 2020 as the Principal Investigator of the "New photoactivated nanomaterials for biomedical applications" research project, supported by the regional government of Madrid, becoming a researcher under the "Talent Attraction" program.

Paloma Rodríguez Sevilla

She has come back to work on the "NanoTBTech - Nanoparticles-based 2D Thermal Bioimaging technologies" project (FET-OPEN program, European Commission), with a Juan de la Cierva fellowship.

Diego Méndez González

He has joined FIG to work on the development of theranostic nano-systems combining heating and nano-thermometric properties, in the frame of the NanoTBTech and the NanoNerv projects.

NanoTBTech's webminars

Starting on september 18th to december, nanoTBTech is organazing online seminars each friday.

Do not miss this exceptional oportunity to learn more about luminescence nanothermometry and the work done with this project.

You can watch the past talks and register to the new ones here (go to Meeting/Webminars). Additionally we always announce when the next webminar's registration is open on our Twitter.

nanoBig research science group webinar

New published paper in Nature Communication

Ultrafast photochemistry produces superbright short-wave infrared dots for low-dose in vivo imaging is the title of our first Nature Comm. paper! We are beyond proud of this work. Congratulations to everyone involved.

UAM Gazette has dedicated an article in spanish to this paper: Supernanopartículas para diagnosis cardiovascular

Chapter in "21st Century Nanoscience – A Handbook"

21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook" is a new book edited by Klaus D. Slatter in which FIG member Dirk Ortgies and former member Blanca del Rosal have contributed writing one chapter titled Nanothermometers: Remote Sensors for Temperature Mapping at the Nanoscale.

New published book with Springer

Several current and former FIG's members have contributed to write a new book co-edited by Antonio Benayas, Eva Hemmer, Guosong Hong and Daniel Jaque. You can check it here:

Near Infrared-Emitting Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

2020 J G Russell Award for Blanca

Our former member Dr. Blanca del Rosal Rabes (now at Swinburne University of Technology) is one of the recipients of a prestigious australian top-up award: The 2020 J G Russell Award, for highly ranked Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Awardees. It is aimed at financially helping talented younger researchers in the basic sciences as a token of the community’s regard for them.

Congratulations Blanca!

News media talk about FIG's work on water

The scientific communication office at UAM has published an article about Lucía Labrador Páez PhD research. You can check the article (in spanish) in the news platform UAM Gazzete.

2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials Aplied to Life Science

Some FIG members attended NALS2020, held in Madrid on 29th-31st January 2020.

Daniel Jaque presented the talk A critical analysis on the in vivo reliability of luminescent nanothermometers and our PhD student Yingli Shen talked about Ag2S nanoparticles through multiparametric sensing achieve reliable intratumoral thermal readout during photothermal therapy.

On the other hand, PhD students Tamara Muñoz Ortiz and Gabriel López Peña presented two posters, titled Molecular imaging of early atheroscierotic stges by gold nanoparticles: Impact in Optical Coherence Tomography and Performing deep-tissue photodynamic therapy with rare-earth-doped nanoparticles and Eosin Y respectively.

Three Wise Men Winter School on Luminescent Nanothermometry for Biomedical Applications

FIG organized this Winter School on January 8th-11th 2020 at La Cristalera UAM, Miraflores de La Sierra.

nanoBig research science group winter school

Invited Lecture and Student's talks of FIG members

Daniel Jaque presentend a lecture titled Dificulties when using luminescence nanothermometry for in vivo applications.

Our PhD student Yingli Shen talked about In vivo photothermal therapy by NIR-II Ag2S nanoheaters with reliable intratumoral thermal feedback through multiparametric sensing.

Meiling Tan, a one-year visitor, gave another student talk titled In vivo thermal sensing with lifetime in NIR biological window.

Poster session at the Winter School

Three PhD student of our group participated in the Winter School's poster session.

Dasheng Lu: Efficent Optical Trapping of sub-10nm NPs by a photonic nanojec.

Gabriel López Peña: Silicon-based biosensors improved with rare-earth-doped NPs for nanothermetry applications.

Elisa Ortiz Rivero: Luminescent Nanothermometers for thermal reading of a novel NaYF4:Nd3+ spinning micro-heater.


XXII INC Young Researchers Meeting, 2019 (Instituto Nicolás Cabrera de Materiales)

FIG's PhD students participated in this International Meeting with a poster! Additonaly, our INC fellow Paula Melero (not shown) also presented a poster titled Novel Nanostructures for Multimodal Imaging.

FIG members in BRAYN Conference 2019

Our PhD student José Lifante participated as a member of the organization in the 2nd Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists, Milan.

In addition, Daniel Jaque was an invated speaker, with a lecture tittled Near infrared (NIR)-II imaging for brain studies.

Fresh blood in FIG, course 2019-20

We have to welcome our two new PhD students, Tamara Muñoz and José Lifante (Pepe), along with our one year visitor Meiling Tan and a Instituto Nicolas Cabrera fellow Paula Melero.

Tamara is working on nanoparticles as contrast agents for cardiovascular imaging and, sometimes, on quantum dots to detect the dipolar water anomaly.

Pepe is developing fluorescent nanoparticles delivery to the brain.

Meiling researchs on nanoparticles for in vivo thermal sensing.

Paula is studying bioimaging and doing her bachelor's thesis with FIG.

Our posdoc Riccardo Marin gave a talk at Aveiro University

Riccardo stayed at Aveiro for a month (november-dicember 2019), in which he had the opportunity to present his project LANTERS, funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie action.

FIG member Erving Ximendes attends to ESTE 2019

Posdoc Erving Ximendes gave a talk titled Issues and perspectives of NanoTBTech: "nanoparticles-based 2D thermal imaging" at the International Conference of Excited States of Transitions Elements 2019 (University of Wrocław, Poland)

Two FIG´s papers have been included in the “Nanoscale 10th Anniversary: Top Cited Articles” online collection.

This year Nanoscale is cellebrating its 10th aniversary. They have published a special issue with that includes the top cited articles during this 10 years. Two FIG papers appear in this special issue, the review articles on "Nanoparticles for photothermal therapies" and on "Luminescence Nanothermometry". These articles together with other top-cited papers can be found at: 10 Aniversary Special Issue of Nanoscale.
Congratulations to all!!

nanoBig research science group has two articles published into 10 Aniversary Special Issue of Nanoscale.

Lucía's Thesis Defense

Lucía Labrador, PhD student at FIG, defended her thesis work on "Luminescent sensors for the study of anomalies in the order of water molecules".

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